What attracts attention in your advertising?

How long will your brand be remembered?

Test ads on the web and on any platform.

Analysis of ads second by second

Examine the emotional reactions to your ads

Neuromarketing Division of MAVARANEGAR is a highly expertised entity implementing superior technologies. We use all the required devices with highest accuracy to produce genuine scientific results about brand or product.


Retail stores, shelf and showcase design

Industry – vetted solutions for mapping stores , optimizing packaging , and boosting customer flow

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Product experience

A diagnostic and highly predictive approach to boost the product experience

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Website and ecommerce

Our best in class solutions to minimize bounce rates , increase engagement , and boost conversion

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R & D and innovation

Test with neuroscience , just as the most innovative companies in the world , and as published in “leading transformation” from Harvard press

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Ameliorate packaging and accelerate closes by the power of neuroscience

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Improving ad performance

This is a flexible solution for producing functional ads

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About us

Mavarangar Company has been able to establish a cohesive and expert team in the field of neuroscience and neuromarketing by providing neuroscience and neuromarketing infrastructures.

گرادیان سفید

Our tools


EEG is a technology to monitor brain signals. We analyze the signals to elicit various emotions like willingness or avoidance.

Eye Tracker

Eye tracking is a superior technology for visualizing and monitoring eye movements. Utilizing eye tracking along with other devices makes us eligible for consumer behavior research.

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