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we focus on promoting new neuroscientific technologies and devices both for research and treatments. Our vision is about improving mental health and creating a better world together.


MagPro X100

The MagPro X100 is an advanced, high performance magnetic stimulator designed primarily for research purposes.

MagPro R30

An advanced high-performance TMS magnetic stimulator designed primarily for clinical use as well as research.

MagPro R20

The optimal choice when running a limited number of TMS sessions per day in a clinical setting but is also capable of running most of the used protocols for clinical research

MagVenture Flow Arm

The MagVenture Flow Arm supports easy placement of the TMS coil. It has been developed for clinical practice and offers TMS clinicians a unique opportunity to optimize their workflow.

Treatment Chair

The treatment chair may be used with the MagVenture TMS Therapy system. The special neck rest is designed for best possible comfort for the patient, offering a wide range of adjustment options.

MagVenture Coils

With numerous coils to choose from, our coil selection is second to none and provides almost endless possibilities within brain research. Our TMS coils come in various shapes, sizes and with different attributes such as cooling, power control and triggering on the handle.

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Mavarangar Company has been able to establish a cohesive and expert team in the field of neuroscience and neuromarketing by providing neuroscience and neuromarketing infrastructures.

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MagVenture’s mission is to be the most dynamic and innovative supplier of transcranial magnetic stimulation solutions. Many “first mover” features and improvements have been developed over the years in response to ideas and requests from our customers.

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