Product experience

From unpacking and first impression to loyalty
A diagnostic and highly predictive approach to boost the product experience

Understand what influences shopper behavior both online and in-store. We reveal deep insights into what captures attention and drives decision making in the purchase process. Use these insights to tailor your path to purchase and increase conversions in a more effective way.


Eye tracking and analyzed eeg signals allows you to see how your product is viewed and perceived from the perspective of the consumer.

No matter what phase of the design process you are in, we provide unbiased answers on what elements of your packaging work and which need improvement so you can quickly and easily optimize your design.

Businesses can’t afford to fall short when it comes to user experience. Leaving consumers frustrated, confused, or disappointed will send them straight into the arms of your competitors. Traditional user testing methods and performance measurements might indicate that there’s an issue or barrier for the user, but they don’t explain the ‘why’ or reveal how to fix the problem – while eye tracking does. It lets you to tap into subconscious actions and unarticulated thoughts, allowing you to uncover more about how your design performs.

Traditional user experience research methods like interviews, surveys, and observation convey helpful information but they fail to uncover deeper elements of human behavior. Eye tracking measures and records, with great accuracy, the user’s visual journey with your product or service giving you a much greater depth of insight into subconscious thoughts or usability issues which might otherwise be missed or not articulated by the user.
Recording this information allows you to discuss elements of the user’s behavior during retrospective think-aloud interviews and easily explain or validate your finding to colleagues and stakeholders. Whether it’s unboxing an appliance, browsing a website, or using a gadget, we can help you truly understand user experience.

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