Improving ad performance

Use neuroscience to target the mind of your consumers
This is a flexible solution for producing functional ads

Make your advertising more effective by understanding if it captures attention and creates engagement. We give you accurate answers on key questions about your ads so you can be confident your campaign will achieve its goals.

Or: Most of any company’s budget allocated to marketing is invested in advertising. One of its main objectives is to transmit the core values of the brand and/or product to the target audience. Given how consumers are bombarded with advertising on a daily basis, it is extremely complicated to connect with the consumer through publicity. Neuromarketing is employed to improve publicity and verify whether the brand is actually transmitting what it aims to.


1. Comparison of animatics:

evaluates different animatics to select the one that would be most appealing to an audience.

2. Evaluation of ad campaigns:

evaluates, in detail, an advertising spot to find areas to improve, selects key scenes and helps to obtain different versions depending on the specific channel.

3. Evaluation of graphic campaigns: 

evaluates different graphic elements of a campaign to discover the parts that need enhancing and locates the elements that attract most attention.

4. Evaluation of digital campaigns:

evaluates the emotional response of digital publicity as well as its visibility and interaction capability in a specific context

5. Evaluation of radio campaigns:

compares different advertising spots to judge which one evokes the highest emotional impact in the audience.

6. Evaluation of publicity material at the point of sale:

assesses different POEs to find any weak areas and verifies whether they attract attention and generate an emotional response in the consumer.

7. Brand building:

evaluates, through PRE/POST tests, if the perception of the consumer towards the brand has changed after being exposed to an advertising campaign.

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