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Retail brands know the key to success is understanding what the customer really wants – ideally before they even know they want it. Market research and consumer data analysts all promise to help retailers answer this tricky question. Most techniques rely on direct consumer feedback – and this may sound reasonable, but the results aren’t always accurate. What if, however, you could actually look inside the customers’ mind, beyond their preconceived ideas or biases, to what really captures their attention? That is the promise of neuromarketing – research that measures consumers’ physiological responses to brands, providing a window into their true feelings and reactions like never before.


  • multisensory experiences: odour, music, colours, light and comfort of spaces (points of sale, shop windows and facades).
  • customer movements.
  • seller behaviour.
  • product positioning.
  • the experiences being suggested: possibilities of interaction, induced entertainment.

Shopper Research

Understand what influences shopper behavior both online and in-store. we reveal deep insights into what captures attention and drives decision making in the purchase process. Use these insights to tailor your path to purchase and increase conversions in a more effective way.

Eye tracking is one of the most efficient techniques to capture cognitive data. This methodology is being applied in a wide range of academic research seeking to understand how consumers view, process and respond to messaging, retail environments, and various media channels and devices.

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