MagPro X100 with MagOption

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Researchers and clinicians often use MagVenture’s products in combination with products from other manufacturers. Our products are highly integrable with the solutions offered by Localite (neuronavigation), Brain Products (EEG) and Axilum Robotics (TMS Robots)

A high performance magnetic stimulator primarily for research. The MagPro X100 with MagOption offers a wide range of stimulation parameters, theta burst and stimulation rates up to 100 Hz, and the possibility to combine waveforms and pulse modes. With the same features as the MagPro X100, it also provides half-sine waveforms, twin and dual pulses up to 50 pps (biphasic) and has a power mode with a 40% increase in intensity and pulse width.


Max repetition rate 100 pps
Pulse mode Standard, Dual, Twin, Power
Waveform Biphasic, Monophasic, Biphasic Burst (Theta Burst), Half-sine
Current direction Normal, Reverse
Ramp up Yes


Mechanical Data

HxWxD 210x530x400 mm/ 8.3×20.9×15.7 in
130 x 530 x 400mm/5.1×20.8×15.7
Weight Stimulator: 38 kg / 84 lbs
MagOption: 28kg / 62 lbs

Coil compatibility

All Coils

Environmental Data

Operating temperature 10-30°C/50-86°F
Storage temperature 5-50°C/41-122°F
Operating humidity 30-60% RH
Storage humidity 20-80% RH

Power Supply

Mains voltage 230V~,50/60 Hz according to IEC 60601-1
Maximum power consumption 2700 VA, operation from 100V~ or 120V~
through transformer

Ordering number



Intended use

Diagnostic Use

The MagProX100 with MagOption is intended as an electro-physiological aid to assess diagnosis and to monitor diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, based on the use of Motor Evoked Potentials (MEP).

Therapeutic Use

Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder in adult patients who have failed to achieve satisfactory improvement from two prior antidepressant medications, at or above the minimal effective dose and duration in the current episode.

گرادیان سفید

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