Mavaranegar Neuromarketing Services

Mavarangar idea was formed with the aim of empowering the Iranian brand to have a strong presence in global markets. We evaluate and improve industry services and products with the presence of cognitive science and marketing specialists and the use of modern neuroscience tools.

Mavaranegar Neuroscience Services

Mavarangar Company is a direct importer of the latest and most advanced neuroscience medical equipment. With a long history in medical equipment field such as TMS and providing professional support, this group has been able to gain the trust of a huge section of its target market.

Mavaranegar is one of the most advanced companies in middle east

Our Team

Ghasem Dolati

Founder and CEO

فرشاد ارسلان ده

Farshad Arsalandeh

Deputy CEO and Director of Neuromarketing Department

Sarah Pourtak Doust

Director of Neuroscience Department

Ali Alizadeh

financial manager

Yasaman Sabahi

Neuromarketing researcher, analyst and programmer

Shadi Moradkhadi

Neuromarketing researcher and data analyst

Amir Ali Ebdali

Neuroscience Equipment Sales Unit

Saleh Mahmoudi Asl

Neuromarketing researcher and sensory marketing specialist

Nazanin Karimi

Office Manager and Internal Manager

Elnaz Masoudian

Graphist and Designer

Elahe Mahdavi

Digital Marketing

Rahele Khorsand Movaggar

Neuromarketing researcher, analyst and programmer

همکاران و مشتریان ماورانگر

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About us

Mavarangar Company has been able to establish a cohesive and expert team in the field of neuroscience and neuromarketing by providing neuroscience and neuromarketing infrastructures.

Neuromarketing Services

Customer experience and product analysis

Neuroscience Equipment

The most advanced medical equipment

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